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Compression stockings in organic cotton, Conifer, dark green

Compression guide

What You Need to Know About Compression Socks Before You Buy


Made in EUROPE

We produce in Europe because we want to be close to our partners and maintain the best quality. Our product is our passion and we work with people who feel the same way. From design to the final product, our team strives to do their best and we communicate across all areas, to achieve the best result. To us, it is the key to succes and more importantly - long lasting, comfortable and beloved products.

Soft on the inside

The Quality

To us the perfect stocking is as soft as silk and as durable as canvas. Stockings are worn directly on your skin, it must move with your body and let the skin breath. All day, everyday. Therefor our stockings are light woven in the legs, and the foot part is reinforced with strong polyamide.

The essence of the product

The Materials

The yarn and its features is the essence of the product. All materials are carefully chosen to provide the best comfort and support. We have breathable bamboo, thermoregulatory wool, elegant microfiber, durable cotton, sweat absorbing DriRelease and many more.... Take a look around and find your favourite.

Become a retailer

We consist of passionate, down-to-earth people, that love what we do. For every product we develop, the goal is to be innovative. That the product is better than those that exist. Be it an extraordinary material, a refreshing design or enhanced comfort. Do you want to be a part of it?

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Fibers & fabrics

Our products are worn directly on the skin. All day long. Therefor the material is the products core element and essential for its comfort. Read more about our choice of materials here...

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