Medical Compression Stockings Class 2, Black with Butterflies

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NB! When choosing your size, your ankle,- and calf circumference are the most important measurements.

(See size chart under the product pictures)

SupCare compression stockings class 2 are produced according to the most recent knowledge within the medical and textile industry.

The stockings contain fibres tested according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, that helps maintain a continuous improved life quality and well-being.

SupCare stockings comply with the current national rules in force.

They hold the stamp of approval for medical compression stockings, and they are tested by official regulatory agencies on a regular basis.

Meryl® Skinlife / Q-Skin Polyamide is a synthetic material that is woven together with elastane and Lycra. It is characterized by a thread with high strength and softness, a characteristic that is clearly felt in the products.

Meryl® Skinlife / Q-Skin is the main material in our medical grade 2 compression stockings. When you wear this material, you'll experience a silky smooth and strong product that provides the precise compression you need throughout the day. Meryl® Skinlife / Q-Skin contains silver microparticles that ensure that bacteria cannot grow in the textile, and preserves the skin's natural balance and reduces unpleasant odors.

Compression: 23-32 mmHg

Material: 90% Meryl®  Skinlife / Q-Skin Polyamide, 10% Lycra Elastane 

Wash at 30 degrees, do not tumble dry

NB: The prices are stated per pair.

IMPORTANT: We recommend talking to a professional (doctor or orthotists) before using the stockings. It is important that the size and fit is completely right.
Instructions for use included.

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