The yarn quality is our major focus and passion. All materials are carefully selected to provide the best comfort and durability. The knowledge of yarns and their features and advantages is essential to us, when we develop new products.

Cotton fibers plant



Cotton is a natural fiber that has been spun and woven since prehistoric times - and not without a reason. Cotton is strong, long lasting and thermally conductive. Because of the high content of cotton in our stockings, they feel much softer and more comfortable against the skin than other compression stockings. A great choice for everyday use.



Our organic cotton (EcoCotton) is made from natural seeds and is produced with minimal waste of resources, 75% solar energy, 0% water consumption, 0% pesticides and chemicals and 0% CO2 emissions. Just as regular cotton, our organic cotton is strong, long lasting and thermally conductive. The environmental savings per 1 KG EcoCotton produced are:

3485 liters of water

1.62 Co2/kg

6.77 kWh energy



The newest member of our fiber-family. To carry the GOTS certificate, you most meet some very strict requirements and the product must contain min. 90% cotton. Compression stockings needs a high amount of elastic, meaning GOTS is not an option. Developing our underwear line the GOTS certificate became possible. The result is an ultra soft material, that is both durable and comfortable. Exactly what you need your underwear to be.



Bamboo is know for its absorbency and amazing softness against the skin. SupCare compression socks with bamboo are no exception. The fibers can contain up to 55% more moisture than e.g. cotton, which makes it better at keeping your feet dry and fresh. Bamboo is a natural material that is historically used only for structural elements, but in recent years a range of technologies have been developed allowing bamboo fibers to be used for textiles.



Wool is the most breathable natural material available. Our wool products are soft against the skin and machine washable. The wool helps regulate the body's temperature and keeps your skin warm in the winter and cold in the summer. From nature, the material is antibacterial. It is ideal for outdoor activities where you want to stay warm, as well as an everyday support.



Microfiber is elegant, cooling, soft as silk and very flexible. Our products made with this material are flight socks, tights, stay-ups and stockings. With carefully chosen details and high technology weaving, you get the perfect mix of fashion and quality.



Meryl® Skinlife is the main material of our medical class 2 compression stockings. When wearing this material, you will experience a silky soft and strong product, that provides the exact compression you need throughout the day. Meryl® Skinlife has silver micro particles that ensures that no bacteria can grow in the textile, and maintains the natural balance of the skin and reducing unpleasant odours.



The luxurious choice. SoftAir is one of the new kids on the block. An extremely soft and flexible fiber that provides complete freedom of movement, thermoregulation and a skin that can breathe even during prolonged, demanding training.



With CoolMax you will experience an amazing cooling effect and an antimicrobial surface that neutralises odours. The fabric is developed for an active lifestyle and ensures to transport moisture away from the skin to keep the feet fresh and dry through your practice. Other useful properties include resistance to fading, shrinking and wrinkling.



This material is sweat absorbing, thermoregulatory and durable. Compression socks with Dri Release are extremely comfortable to wear at high temperatures and dries 4 times better and faster than cotton.



A synthetic fiber that is used along with elastane/Lycra to produce a thread with extraordinary strength and softness. Polyamide is used in the manufacturing of compression stockings in various versions. A great choice for any activity.