Socks made of recycled curtains

We are proud to launch our first recycled project SOCKS 02. The first of many from our new sustainable line SupCare Conscious.

  • 92% recycled curtain yarns from a high-end curtain manufacturer
  • Recycled and biodegradable FSC paper packaging
  • LIMITED EDITION when the yarn is used, the socks are no longer produced


From curtains to socks

Project SOCKS 02 are limited edition socks made of 92% recycled deadstock yarns. Deadstock yarns are the leftovers from a production and are most often discarded in landfills. The yarns in this product, are recovered from a high-end curtain manufacturer and once the yarn batch is used, the socks are no longer produced. By creating Socks 02 from already existing yarns, we inject those deadstock yarns back into the cycle, preventing them from being wasted. As a result, we are saving natural resources and energy. Socks 02 are now available online, while stock lasts.


We hope you like it!